In order for the council to be effective, we pride ourselves in adhering to a set of values that unite us and guide us in the way that we work.

Our Values

We value Integrity, Ethics and Trust. The team is guided by these values in all that is does. Anything less than this is unacceptable.

Equal Access to Opportunities

Men and Women in Zimbabwe, and the world over, should have equal access to opportunities.

Education for all!

Access to education for all is a fundamental value that we embrace. A learned populace is half the problem solved.

A snippet of our work…

Men are now “advocates” of equal opportunities in order to even out gender disparities.


Policy Work
Food Standards
Social Protection
Stakeholder Management

Community Engagement

In line with the rest of the world, we advocate for the importance of good nutrition for both mother and child.

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Departmental Units

  • Assessment, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

    Co-ordinates food and nutrition security information and analysis, within the context of a national food and nutrition information system, that is credible, transparent, scientific, relevant and timely and that informs multi-sectoral actions that address food and nutrition security.

  • Multi-Sectoral Coordination

    Promotes multi-sectoral approaches to addressing food and nutrition insecurity through strengthening national systems and structures at all levels (National, Provincial and District) and through promotion of multi-sectoral programme innovation and best practice.

  • Nutrition

    Strengthens the coordination and implementation of evidence based nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions that are integrated within a broad public health framework.

  • Food Standards, Compliance & Innovation

    Strengthens FNC’s role of coordinating, supporting and ensuring multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral adherence to national and international food safety standards including through promoting innovative approaches to locally produced products.

  • Policy Analysis & Advice

    Promotes food and nutrition security on the broader national economic and development agenda through strategic policy analysis and advice, co-ordinates implementation of Food and Nutrition Security Policy and ensures Zimbabwe is informed by and contributes to global and regional policy networks and initiatives.

  • Social Protection

    Strengthens the role of FNC in ensuring that were social protection including social assistance programmes are implemented they must contribute and enhance the food and nutrition security of the most vulnerable in short and medium term.

  • Knowledge Management

    Strengthens the role of FNC in facilitating the development and implementation of a robust multi-sectoral food and nutrition security knowledge management system.

  • External & Internal Stakeholder Management

    Increases awareness of food and nutrition security issues and FNC Mandate among stakeholders through innovative and strategic advocacy and communication approaches.

  • Finance & Administration

    Ensures that FNC has the appropriate operational (administration, IT, financial and logistics) capacity and systems in place to fulfill its mandate.